Top 6 motivational speaker in india

Top 6 motivational speaker in india

Motivational speakers and business coach  are the speaker who make speeches to inspire, guide and motivate us. And there are a lot of motivational speaker all over world, but there are few listed below in the list  who are best motivational and business coach in india. 

List of top 6 motivational speakers in india

1. Sandeep maheswari : is one of the famous and best motivational speaker on youtube. sandeep maheswari is great Entrepreneur in india,  he is founder and ceo of, he sales his images to almost 7000 companies in 45 countries.he does not do motivational seminar for any profit he dont charge for seminar.he just want to share his experience and knowledge which he has collected in long period of time he is such a great person .he usually give guidence and motivate youth.

2. Shiv khera :shiv khera is one of the best author and motivator in india. he write self help books, and he also have good experience in politics he has written popular best selling books which include you can win. he lives in india and travel all our india to give motivational speeches and seminar.

3. Chetan bhagat :chetan bhagat is motivational speaker columnist and author.most of time he give main attention to youth in seminar speeches and books. university and colleges use to invite him for speeches and he also has written book which turn into bolly wood movie is 3-idiots .

4.Vivek bindra : vivek bindra is professtional motivational speaker and business coach. he runs 6 month leadership programms and many more in which he teach big corporates to expand and run the business with more profit. vivek bindra is founder and ceo of global academy for consulting and traning  (global ACT) .he also runs a youtube channel on youtube.he awarded with many awarded as the best corporate trainer in india  by maruti suzuki, the best motivational speaker in india by international association of lions club.

5.him-eesh madaan : he is also good motivational speaker he also runs motivational seminar. he also own channel on youtube. he mainly speakes for young people and students, he is professtional motivational speaker. he motivate very well.

6.Ujjwal patni : he is poplular motivational speaker and corporate trainer as well, and deliver his motivational speeches in hindi .he was dentist as profession but now he turned his passion into profession as business coach and motivational speaker.his client have been CBI and Dr.kiran bedi. he has also written many books and he runs programmes for bussiness corporates and motivational speeches. he attend dealer meets, conference, sales seminar and events.

Who is your favourite motivational speaker comment below.

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