Top 10 cheapest country to visit from india

 Top 10 cheapest country to visit from india

We don't want to live at one place for long time its very boring for some new refreshments tour and travelling  is very good option it opens up our mind make us feel happy. we want to explore world . We want to see other people's lifestyle. when we  Plan our tour we always make our plans according to our budget but we don't want to compromise  with fun and enjoy  so we get confused to choose a best holiday destination. We want make our tour budget friendly  so their are top 10 cheapest countries  where you can visit from India within small budget. 

1) Vietnam 

Vietnam is a gem of place. It contains everything from certain tropical island to rugged sceneries in northern region. There are a great varietyof weird and exotic food, especially different king of sea food. The entire trip will not  you too much if you plan to option for cheaper homestay and ditch high ends hotels.

It's a largest cave of Asia, Halong Bay, islands,forests, religious places, The marble mountains and green paddy farms cobbled together convince you to visit this place at once for people who are planning to go light on their wallet.

2) Thailand 

Thailand is most popular visited tourist place for budget. Ans it is the 20th most popular country of the world. This country has diverse activities to experience. As  clubbing, diving from turquoise watered beaches,exploring cheap street foods, the chaotic markets,the authentic spas to relax to your senses,the night skyline and polite and easy-going people of thailand.

3) Bhutan

A Buddhist kingdom situated on eastern Himalayas with snow covered hills surrounded by steamy clouds.The capital city of Bhutan , Thimphu is a place where peace residues as traffic lights are inexistent. It is the "The happiest country" in the world , best destination for some peace,tranquillity. It is the most cheapest country to travel from India. Indians visit this country without passport. 

4) Indonesia

It's natural beauty makes it the tourist magnet among all travellers looking for inexpensive adventure. Located between Pacific and Indian ocean's it is know as worlds  largest island country with beautiful marine life , untouched blue water,and amazing corals. The air flight tickets are cheap and stay option are also pocket friendly.

5) Singapore 

It's the most  beautiful country , Singapore has a lot of thing in term of nature, cuisine and culture, architecture,  monuments, beaches and modern's a small country with small population.It's such a conutry that you can travel here happily  and enjoy a lot even if you have a tight budget.

6) Seychelles

This place situated in Indian ocean surrounded by 115 island making it a mesmeric abode of water bodies and has immensely beautiful white sand beaches where you can spend your time gazing at the bright blue sky and sunset turning the water golden while listening the  folk music off Seychelles.this island is just like dramatic island.August is the best time to visit this place, you can visit here at other time also with cheaper rates too.

7) Cambodia

It's world famous for the Angkor Vat Temple , Cambodia is haven for budget travellers. Natural, beautiful and culturally rich this is one of the best pace for any one one who is looking for cheapest countries to visit from india

8) Nepal

Wake  up to morning of snow peaked mountains and lush greenery with rainbows in is popularly  known as "Land of thunder dragon". This place mainly popular for trekking, And lot of local sights to explore.Nepal offers the calm and serene atmosphere for anyone who wants to take a relax and break from the hustle and bustle of the city life. You dont need passport to visit here.

9) Laos 

Laos is a  mountainous and forested country contain pine trees,extant hill tribes,numbers of waterfalls, slipping hills,skyline silver Lakes and colonial you can do biking around villages filled with green forest,trekking on mountains with superabundant greenery. Having a meal by rivers and swimming near the waterfalls of Laos is another thing you can do here to pleasureand calm yourself.

10) Sri Lanka 

 It is neighbour boasts of great tourism at extremely affordable offers a wide range of budget friendly options to one and all.known for amazing beaches, Ramayana connection and absolutely lip smacking cuisine. This palace rich culturally rich thus it's a great place for nature lovers as there are many zoo's and scenic locations.

Which one is your favourite destination comment below

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