You should not drink water in standing position

You should not drink water in standing position

As have you ever heard from parents telling you to not to drink  water in standing position which irritates us a lot have you ever thought why is it ?

Drinking water in standing position causes a lot of diverse bad effect on our body.  there are some regions due to which you should not drink water in standing position

1) Arthritis 

A person in standing position sometimes became unable to maintain a steady and safe position to drink water slowly.As a result it disturbs the balance of other body fluids and cause deficiency of required fluid in your joints known as Arthritis.This may be a cause if incurable joint pain if you will continue this wrong position of water intake.

2) kidney problems 

It has been found that our kidneys filter better while sitting. Water intake while standing passes the water with a push without much filtration. It causes the impurities to gather in blood or bladder leading to damage to kidneys.

3) Indigestion 

When we stand up & drink water, it flows with a great volume down the food canal & splashes on to the lower stomach wall. The splash actually damages the stomach wall & the nearby organs. Over a long-term, it even disturbs the overall digestive system.

4) Drinking water in standing position doesn’t          dilute the acid levels in the body

Even Ayurveda mentions it that water must be consumed in slow, small swigs while sitting down. This helps to properly dilute the acid levels in the body by getting combined with the necessary proportion of water.

5) Chances of heartburn 

Water taken in a standing position hit the lower half of the esophagus very hard. This creates a problem in the joint between the stomach and esophagus which is called sphincter, giving burning sensation as the acids in the stomach starts to flow backwards.

6) Creates nerve tension

When we drink water while standing the body resist it forcibly creating nerve tension in the body. But when we sit down and drink water it calms our senses down and eases the process of digestion.

7)You remain thirsty when you drink water standing

Your thirst is never fully quenched when you drink water in a standing position. You feel like drinking more water very frequently. It is better to sit in a place and have smaller sips to truly quench your thirst.

So thus why we should never drink water in standing position .we should always drink water while sitting So just following a simple way we can avoid so many diseases.
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