Make your voice attractive and interesting

Make your voice attractive and interesting

Some times what happens what's we don't speak right in front group and people due to speech problem pronunciation problems and

Low tone voice problem. credited to which we face a lot problems in daily life so their couple of steps by pursuing them we can conquer from all of these problems.

1) practice reading out loud

In order to work on pronunciation, pace and volume, it is a good idea to practice reading aloud.Choose a passageway from a book or magazine, or better yet, find a transcript of a famous speech (such as one by Medical professional. Martin Luther King, Junior. ) and read it aloud to yourself. Keep in mind to stand up straight, breathe deeply and open your mouth fully when you speak. Wait in front of a mirror if it helps. Keep practicing until you are happy with what heard. Then try to employ the same techniques as part of your everyday speech.

2) Do some vocal exercises

 Training vocal exercises can be a good way to build up your natural speaking voice. Practicing while looking in the mirror is the most effective way to achieve this, as are many of these ways: Try to loosen your mouth and relax your vocal wires. You can do this by yawning widely, moving your jaw from side to side, whistling a tune, and softly massaging your throat muscles with your fingers. Enhance your breathing capacity and volume by fully exhaling until all of the air is completely expelled from your lungs, then take a deep breath and hold it for 12-15 seconds before exhaling again. Work on your message by singing requirements "ah", first at your normal pitch, then getting steadily lower. You can also do this with each of the letters of the alphabet. Do it again tongue twisters like: Red leather, yellow leather. The girl sells seashells by the seashore. Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

3 )Speak up.

It's important to be heard when you speak, so raise your voice! In case you tend to whisper, mumble or speak with your head down, it is much easier for folks to talk over you or dismiss you.

However, this doesn't mean you should yell - rather, you should vary the loudness of your speech depending on situation. For example , if you're addressing a huge group of individuals it will be necessary to speak loudly in order to project your tone of voice.

But speaking too fully in normal, everyday conversation is unnecessary and can give the wrong impression.

4) Enunciate.

Speaking evidently is possibly the main aspect of having a good speaking tone of voice. You have to pay close attention to each and every word you say - pronouncing it fully and correctly. Be sure to open your mouth, loosen your lip area and keep your tongue and teeth in the correct position as you speak. This could also help eliminate or disguise a lisp, if you have one. It might feel odd at first, but if you regularly make the effort to pronounce your words correctly, it will soon come naturally for you.

5)Slow down.

Speaking too rapidly is a bad habit and it can be difficult for folks to maintain you or even determine what you're saying. This makes it easy for them to tune out and stop listening. Therefore, you have to slow down your speech by saying your words slower and pausing between phrases - this helps to add emphasis to what you're saying and provides you a chance to take a breath! However, is actually a good idea not to speak too gradually. Speaking too slowly can be monotonous for your listeners, so they could become impatient and just tune out. The a speaking rate is somewhere between 120 and 160 words per minute. Yet , if you're giving a speech, it might be wise to alter the speed at which you speak - speaking gradually can help to emphasize a point, while communicating in more quickly can give the impression of interest and enthusiasm.

6)Practice deep breathing.

Meditation is essential for a full, rich speaking voice. The majority of men and women breathe too quickly and shallowly when they speak, which results in a far more unnatural, nasal tone. Your breath should come from your diaphragm, not from your chest. To figure out if you're breathing correctly, place your fist on your abdomen, just below your last rib - you should feel your stomach expand and see your shoulders rise and fall as you inhale. Practice your breathing by inhaling deeply, allowing the air to fill your belly. Breathe in for a count of 5 seconds, then exhale for another 5. Get used to this method of breathing, then try to work it into your everyday speech. Remember that sitting or standing up right, with your chin up as well as your shoulders back, will help you to breathe deeper and project your voice more easily. It will also provide you with an air of confidence as you speak. Make an effort to inhale and exhale at the end of every sentence - if you use the deep breathing method, you should have enough air to get through the next phrase without needing to pause for breath. This will likely also give your listeners an opportunity to absorb what you're saying.

7) Vary your pitch. 

The pitch of your tone can have a real impact on the standard of your speech and the effect it makes on your audience. In general, speaking in a shaky or unsteady pitch gives the impression of nervousness, while an even voice is more calming and persuasive.

Though you shouldn't try to change the natural pitch of your voice (no Darth Vader impressions, please), you should make an work to control it. Do not let your nerves get the better of you and aim to achieve a larger, smoother pitch.

You can practice controlling your pitch by humming a tune, or simply by reading a part of text aloud to yourself. Remember that it's not necessary to maintain a steady pitch at all times - some words should be voiced in a higher pitch in order to incorporate emphasis.

8) Smile as you speak.

Persons will judge you and the content of your speech more favorably if you utilize an open, friendly, stimulating tone (as opposed to an aggressive, sarcastic or bored one).

A good way to make your tone more friendly and warm is to smile while you speak. Not a crazed grin, actually, but even a small upturn of the corners of your mouth can make the sound of your voice more pleasing - even over the phone.

Of course, smiling isn't very always appropriate, particularly if most likely discussing a serious issue. But just remember that inserting feeling into your voice (whatever emotion it may be) can do wonders.

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