How to increase height within three months ?

Increase height in 3 months

Now days everyone want good height .ervery one wants to look smart and handsome with good height . Usually people make fun of dwarf people . They make jokes on them.  People call them with funny name. Thus height is very important factor of personality and health. Their is  no medicine Available in the world which increase your height suddenly. Increasing height is not a big deal .You can Increase  your height by doing stretching exercises  which are listed in this article . If follow  these things then you will get definitely a great result within 3 months . And if you are teenager then you can follow this for years to gain height quickly  . And with these exercise your  body will also healthy.

1) swimming to increase height .

Swimming is very excellent exercise for  height increase . Swim increase body height by stretching your ligaments , tendons and  spine . Do it daily if possible otherwise do it 3-4  times in a weak. 

2) Hanging exercise

It is one of the best way to increase height Gravity adversely affects your height by compressing your spines and joints, which squeezes and thins the cartilage, giving you a shorter appearance. Hanging on a vertical bar is a simple way to combat this problem. Do it as last you can hang with your stamina.

3) cobra strech 

This yoga  exercise is responsible to strech your spine to make it  flexible and supple . it cause growth of cartilage between your vertebrae , and as result increase your vertical height.  In this posture arc back as far as possible.Do it 3-4 times with time duration of 5-30 sec as last you can.

 4) pelvic shift

It's very simple exercise help in stretching your body up and down from hips and spine .
First Lying down  and then lift up like given in image and hold this posture for 20-30 sec.

5) Forward spine strech 

Sit in straight position and extend your legs and try to touch your toe with  hand it is seems to be difficult initially but after some days of practice you will be able to touch your feet then expand your legs more and more day by day. Do this daily 3-4 times with time duration of 5-20 sec.

6) Cat strech

This exercise intended to open up your spine and strengthen up your chest, palm ,back and shoulders.  It good for blood circulation that it stretches your hamstring  while putting pressure on stomach. Do it 3-4 time and repetition should be last for 3-8 sec.

7)  The head bow down

Stand up and hold your both hands behind your neck and  bend forward as far as possible . And try to touch your forehead to knee of your leg but do not bend your knees . Do this 3-4 timse with time duration of  4 -8 sec.

8) Pilates roll over

It's very great exercise helps In providing added length to upper body and stretch to Spine . It lengthens and stretches vertebrae of your neck. Do this exercise for 3-4 times with time duration of 4-8 sec. 

9) Forward bend

It is very popular exercise for height increase.  Just stand straightly , straight you legs , extend up your hands and bend down forward and try to touch  floor without bending your leg It would little hard to do initially but after a time you will be able to do it perfectly.  Do it 4-5 times with time duration of 4-8 sec.

10) Rope skipping

Apart from given exercises,  rope skipping is also a big factor of growth . Thus it is also important and best way  to increase height .

Just guys put all these things into your daily routine and see the change .

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